Frequently Asked Questions

How to use my inverter to ensure it lasts longer

Inverter and battery should be installed in a space that is dry, well ventilated and away from direct sunlight.

Do I need to be cleaning it regularly?

Check and clean the terminals of the inverter battery. Ensure they are corrosion and rust-free. Use hot water or baking soda solution to clean the terminals periodically.

Do you offer after-sales support?

Yes, we do offer after-sales services through Simba Service. With presence across Nigeria. Call 0700111 22 33 or visit the website at to be attended to.

How do I maintain my inverters?

Easy inverter maintenance tips include;
1. Load only electrical appliances you need or is supported, do not overload.
2. Conserve energy with energy-saving devices.
3. Make sure your inverter regularly cleaned and water level topped up when needed.

How do I maintain my tubular batteries?

Tips to maintain your inverter battery include;
1. Keep your inverter batteries corrosion-free and rust-free with regular cleaning of the terminals
2. Use the inverter battery regularly.
3. Keep in a dry place away from moisture.
4. Check your battery water level always.
5. Replace worn-out batteries.
6. Keep batteries from thermal environments.

What can shorten the lifespan of my battery?

Inadequate charging can lead to sulphation on the terminals or internal plates of the batteries. This could affect the efficiency of the battery. And if not properly attended to may result in permanent damage to the battery.

How many years of warranty does the inverter have?

Genus inverters have up to 12 months of warranty

How many years of warranty does a tubular battery have?

Genus tubular batteries have up to 24 months of warranty.

What do I do when the inverter isn’t working?

Put the inverter on bypass and seek professional assistance.

Can I get a quick response to fix my inverter?

Yes, you can through Simba Service, Nigeria's premier inverter specialist. Call 0700111 22 33 or visit the website at to be attended to.

What are the different types of support & maintenance services that you offer?

Simba Service offers a wide range of services, from service requests, product registrations, warranty services, AMC requests, DM water supply and more. Call 0700111 22 33 or visit the website at to be attended to.