Solar Panel 390 Watts

Genus Solar PV Modules are manufactured with cutting-edge technology and are powered by process excellence and quality control. With a strong focus on Research & Development, we provide our customers with the best in class performance, quality, and reliability. Moreover, the solar panel costs are worth your money, especially for long-term benefits.

Genus Solar Modules are the foundation for our high-performance PV Energy Solutions. Durable, reliable, and high-performance solar panels at cost-effective prices can significantly reduce utility bills and carbon footprint. Every solar panel we offer undergoes stringent quality testing, is engineered with premium materials and features an extended performance warranty.

Solar Panel 390 Watts

Model -GM 390 Mono PERC
Vmp (V) - 42.26
I mp (A) - 9.23
Voc (V) - 48.7
Solar Cell / Module Unit - 72 Cell
Module Efficiency - >19%
Dimension (LXWXH) in mm 1960x990x35
Area - 1.94 m2


Made to Withstand Most Extreme Weathers Like Rain/Snow
Best MONO PERC Solar Cells with Best In Class Conversion Efficiency (Panel Converts More of the Sunlight into Electricity)
Durable Low Iron Tempered Glass With Anti-Reflective Coating (Panel traps Sunlight to Improve Efficiency)
Fast Curing, Highly Reflective, and Enhanced UV EVA Encapsulation Enhancing the Durability and Performance
Sturdy and Light-Weight Aluminum Alloy Frame
Genus Solar Panels have Low-Temperature Coefficient to prevent Efficiency Loss in High Temperatures
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