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GenusHeiwa iChallenger Series Inverter

Introducing All new Challenger Series. A Modern Pure Sine Wave Inverter / UPS range, endowed with first in segment features. The pure Sine Wave output is Clean, Regulated, Completely Stable, Distortion Free and Absolutely Safe for running the most sophisticated and sensitive modern appliances. Based on Advanced / Next Gen DSP Ineveter technology, Challenger ensures the highest Safety & Efficiency in the class.

But What’s So Special? A brand new “Battery Revival Mode“ Never before in the industry has a feature so powerful been introduced in an Inverter / UPS in its class. This feature Gives user the power to bring back super discharged batteries to life at their home and increase the life on their batteries for not a few months but YEARS.

1100VA / 12V

Capacity - 1100VA
Voltage (Input) -  100 VAC - 280 VAC ± 15
Maximum charging current: 15Amp
Gross Weight (in Kg) - 9.15kg
Dimension (LXWXH) in CM  - 32.5x34x18.5

1500VA / 24V

Capacity - 1500VA
Voltage (Input) - 100 VAC - 280 VAC ± 15
Maximum charging current:  15Amp
Gross Weight (in Kg) - 16.31kg
Dimension (LXWXH) in CM  - 43.99x41.3x27
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